I recently received a “defect” notification regarding my automobile.  My initial response was negative – another problem with the auto industry! – until I realized this recall notice had nothing to do with safety, or even performance. Instead, the company that manufactured my car wanted to replace my seat covering. Yes, I suppose there technically [...]

In this series, professionals debate the state – and future – of their industry. Read more here, then write your own #MyIndustry post. It’s not an easy time to be in energy. And, actually, it’s not an easy time to be in industry in general — although there are a few bright spots. As a businessman for 45 [...]

In this series of posts, professionals reveal their best antidotes to work stress. Read the posts here, and then write your own (use #OutsideWork in the piece). I was introduced to the idea of work-life balance when I met with my new human resources representative in Cleveland, Ohio. This was back in the late ‘70s, and I had just [...]

In this series, professionals describe the skills they’re building this year. Read the stories here, then write your own (use #SkillsGap in the body of your post). My social media skills – OK, occasionally even my digital technology skills in general –  are lacking. There, I’ve said it. While I wasn’t exactly brought kicking and screaming into the digital age, [...]