In this series, professionals predict the ideas and trends that will shape 2016. Read the posts here, then write your own (use #BigIdeas2016 in your piece). As we look toward 2016, we are confronted with some of the biggest challenges ever faced in the business world. That’s because the amount of uncertainty, and the change that will go along with [...]

The science fiction thriller ‘CIRCLE’ finds fifty strangers, held captive and faced with their imminent executions, and forced to choose the single person among the collective worthy of survival. Diving into issues that litter our society, ‘CIRCLE’ digs into the drama that unfolds when an assortment of economically, generationally, socially, and religiously unique people are [...]

The global market for consumer medical devices will top $10 billion by 2017. Is your business ready to disrupt the direct-to-consumer healthcare market? Register for a free executive webinar on 12/8 and hear firsthand insight from John Nottingham, Co-President and Jason Ertel, Engineering Program Director of Nottingham Spirk and Steve Cashman, CEO of HealthSpot!

In this series, professionals share how they embrace the entrepreneurial mindset. See the stories here, then write your own (use #BetheBoss in the post). You can be the boss, whether you know it or not. That’s right. Even if you have a boss, you can and should be in charge of your own career destiny. I can already hear you disagreeing: [...]

In this series, professionals share their secrets to being more productive. Read the posts here, then write your own (use #ProductivityHacks in the body). Your inbox is overloaded, your desk is piled high, your voicemails are 50 deep, and your calendar is wall to wall. And, with the speed of technology, travel and communication that are hallmarks of the 21st [...]

In this series, professionals share their hiring secrets. Read the stories here, thenwrite your own (use #HowIHire somewhere in the body of your post). Making a new hire — or promoting an existing employee — can be risky. Get the wrong person, and your company loses productivity, your organization is disrupted, and its morale is tested. But get the right [...]

In this series, professionals thank those who helped them reach where they are today. Read the posts here, then write your own. Use #ThankYourMentor and @mention your mentor when sharing. I’m fortunate that my name is often associated with Jack Welch, the dynamic leader who saw GE’s value rise 4,000 percent while at its helm. And indeed, there was [...]