Bob Nardelli

Founder, XLR-8 LLC

Widely recognized as one of the best operating executives in the United States, Bob Nardelli has grown the sales and profits of a number of multi-national corporations. During his nearly 30-year tenure at the General Electric Co., he quadrupled operating profits for GE Power Systems. As the Chairman and CEO, he then doubled the size of The Home Depot and helped save Chrysler Corp. and its iconic brands during the financial institution meltdown.

His new firm, XLR-8, LLC, Investment & Advisory Co., combines his 40-plus years of experience augmenting business performance with a team of professionals that has unparalleled skills in fixing and growing companies. XLR-8 helps companies identify weaknesses and improve performance. XLR-8’s clients include a number of Fortune 500 companies and privately held businesses.

But, to know the man behind the CEO, you have to go back to his roots.  An interview done by WIU’s Western Magazine “From bag boy to CEO: How alumnus Robert Nardelli worked his way up the ladder” best captures Bob’s story.

“His Italian roots, and the love of a father and mother wanting a better life for their children, set the tone for one Western Illinois University Alumnus, whose parents moved their family from a small coal-mining town in Pennsylvania to Rockford, IL, for a brighter future.”  

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