Located in the eclectic TULA Art Complex in Midtown Atlanta’s historic Bennet Street arts district, Kristine N Nardelli Studio showcases her own works. Each piece is constructed of thousands of fragments of broken tempered glass. In Kristine’s own words “I assemble the pieces, gradually covering the entirety of the painted panel. With the application of the first tiny piece, the image is set and cannot be altered. Although I begin each piece with a vision, the final image is only revealed upon the attachment of the last piece of glass.”

Felt Films Production is a full-service entertainment company devoted to the creation of groundbreaking full-length commercial feature films, graphic novels, television series, and web content. The company’s focus is to develop, produce and finance a diverse slate of responsibly budgeted, character-driven genre and niche films.

Good science makes great tea. At Tea Lab, mixologists blend fresh, delicious, scientifically developed tea products that contain beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, and essential minerals. provides the ultimate fanboy perspective on movies and pop culture.

With 35 years of precision fabrication experience, Kopetz delivers advanced engineering skills and exacting standards to the manufacturing of specialized high-tech products including chemical processing equipment, shell and tube heat exchangers, and LNG vaporizers.

With roots deeply tied to the aerospace industry, Aero Precision provides superior engineering and machining of complete rifles, upper and lower receivers, and optic mounts that have been recognized for exceptional performance by members of the military and law enforcement across the United States.

The first true integration of telehealth and primary care, HealthSpot strives to increase access to high quality, convenient and affordable healthcare services through the innovative application of technology that empowers doctors and specialists to provide more efficient and convenient high-quality patient care.

In business since 1989, Versatronics was one of the first and few still remaining full-service computer facilities in the San Francisco Bay area. The company offers both in-shop and on-site service.

With clarity, control and confidence, Carrot Medical optimizes the quantity and quality of information available to clinical teams.

Star Struck LLC is a leading supplier of jeweler’s tools; supplies, including adhesives and cleaning solutions; and watch batteries.

T+ink’s patented “thinking ink” applications provide seamless and disruptive solutions to products and designs — making objects smart, interactive and secure

Hilco Technologies is a full-service plastic injection molder – abrasion-resistant hard coater. Supplying a diverse market with solutions has been the company’s trademark.


BIM is the solution merchants have been looking for to power mobile and web commerce. BIM is specifically designed to enhance merchant/customer relationships, while lowering costs, strengthening the merchant’s brand, making customers happier, and improving the security of mobile payments.

CSL Capital Management, LLC (“CSL Capital” or the “Firm”) is an SEC-registered private equity firm focused on small to mid-sized energy businesses in the U.S. and internationally. With offices in Greenwich, Conn., and Houston, Texas, the CSL Capital team has deep sector expertise in the energy industry and takes a hands-on approach to investments, relying on organic growth and strategic thinking to generate investment success.