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    Bob’s amazing ability to seek true innovation and unique solutions in every aspect of his career has provided enormous growth and progress for many Corporations Worldwide. From Finance to Management to Design to Retail to Branding to Marketing and all aspects of Consumer Development, he is the champion of holistic 360 leadership, a true entrepreneur.

    Peter Arnell

    Founder and CEO of the Arnell Group

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    I have known Bob Nardelli for two decades and have watched him lead huge work forces during good times and bad. It is hard to understand how important leadership and vision are to any situation until you desperately need it. He has shown true leadership, vision and integrity and inclusiveness throughout. He was a friend and mentor while at GE, which at the time was the parent company of my then network – CNBC. Then I watched him during the heyday of housing build grow Home Depot for employees and shareholders, and then as the leader of Chrysler during one of the most important and difficult times for the industry, he led with vision and integrity. I am proud to call Bob Nardelli a friend and to be able to lean on him during these volatile and uncertain times in global business.

    Maria Bartiromo

    Journalist, Columnist and News Anchor. Host of “Mornings with Maria” and “Sunday Morning Futures” at Fox Business News

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    Bob Nardelli is one of the finest and hardest working leaders I’ve ever worked with in my 40 years at GE. He role modeled the values and behaviors he expected from others and they stepped up to the challenge.

    William (Bill) Conaty

    President at Conaty Consulting LLC

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    Bob has a long history providing strong leadership for businesses and improving their performance. There is no doubt he can use those skills to provide the advice needed for a successful enterprise.

    David M. Cote

    Chairman and CEO, Honeywell

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    Bob makes extraordinary contributions to team effectiveness – assessing issues, rallying talent and helping us achieve strategic progress. He brings a breadth of experience across multiple industry sectors. I have worked closely with him for years and have greatly valued and benefited from his perspective.

    Steve Howe

    EY, Americas Managing Partner

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    Bob is an exemplary leader, partner and friend. He’s a leader for today, comfortable in a dynamic and fast changing world but humble enough to recognize that you never stop learning. His new venture, XLR-8 LLC, will be well served by Bob’s decades of experience and global insights.

    Jeffrey R. Immelt

    Chairman and CEO, GE

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    Over my 35 years as a Management Consultant, Bob Nardelli exhibited the best leadership qualities of any client. His Leadership skills are rooted in his ability to balance discrepant factors such as, a long-term strategy with short-term operational excellence, a lofty vision with an uncanny eye for the details, a tough but fair management style who motivates by asking salient questions rather than mandating what subordinates should be doing. Truly, Bob is someone who listens, learns and leads.

    William (Billy) R. Iuso

    President, Strategic Resource Allocation, LLC

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    Bob has vast experience and a wealth of insights leading large global companies operating in complex industries. Throughout his career, he has played instrumental roles in helping companies navigate challenging business problems, and positioning them for success.

    Richard J. Kramer

    Chairman, CEO & President, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

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    Nelly Furtado

    App Developer

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    I’ve worked with Bob for over 20 years. A man of integrity who gets things done.

    John J. Mack

    Senior Advisor and former Chairman of the Board at Morgan Stanley

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    I have worked closely with Bob Nardelli for 15 years and can say, without hesitation, that he is one of the very best all-around CEOs I have ever encountered in my 45 years in the public relations business. As a highly experienced practitioner, I have worked for many of Fortune’s top 100 companies, including such prestigious firms as AT&T, P&G, Pepsi-Cola, Citicorp, EY, Honeywell, General Motors and American Airlines. In those years, I have seen firsthand how the CEOs of these fine companies have run their organizations. Bob Nardelli, in my experience, is in the same league as these outstanding executives. He has reshaped and rebuilt companies, improved their performance and inspired their workers with a can-do attitude and consistent examples of leadership.

    Robert (Bob) Marston

    Founder, Chairman and CEO, Marston Strategic Communications

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    Bob’s leadership and mentoring for me at The Home Depot and throughout my career has been instrumental in any success I have had. His insights and ability to quickly triage any issue or situation and develop those and other skill sets in leaders is a positive influence on anyone willing to improve themselves.

    Dominic (Dom) C. Mazzone

    Managing Director, Mazzone & Associates

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    Bob Nardelli is a strong leader and a good man. His perspectives on strategy and leadership are rooted in one of the most dynamic business careers of our time. I always enjoy listening to Bob and learning from him.

    Bill McDermott

    Chief Executive Officer, SAP

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    Bob’s counsel has been incredibly valuable to me and the rest of the SAP North America’s leadership team. He offers strategic insights from years of leading and transforming some of the world’s most complex businesses and he has a deep understanding of how to drive real change across an organization. Bob’s global network of relationships with business leaders and executives helps us achieve strategic business outcomes and he helps us think big about driving growth and shaping the future. I am proud to call him a trusted advisor and friend.

    Jennifer Morgan

    President, SAP North America

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    Bob Nardelli has decades of experience in some of the toughest businesses in the world. From manufacturing, to retail, to auto, Bob successfully has navigated businesses through the most challenging times.

    Steve Odland

    CEO, CED

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    Bob Nardelli is one of the great business executives in the United States today. With his background at General Electric and as CEO of the Power Systems business for many years, Bob helped grow one of GE’s most important business segments. After his tenure at GE, he served as CEO of The Home Depot where I was fortunate to continue working with him as a member of the board of directors. There is no question that Bob’s vision for the future of the company and his willingness to deal with people at all levels of the organization helped begin a new chapter in The Home Depot’s success. Bob moved on to Chrysler at a time when the company needed strong leadership. His business savvy and commitment to the organization was evident as he was able to manage through tough financial and market share challenges. Today, Fiat Chrysler continues to benefit from Bob’s vision on future products and the positioning of its brands. I have a high level of respect for Bob Nardelli as a business leader and for his personal commitment to the community. In today’s business world, there is no better person to take on an underperforming and undervalued business and turn it around.

    Roger Penske

    Founder & Chairman, Penske Corporation

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    I have worked closely with Bob Nardelli for many years and have seen him in action, making tough decisions that invariably were the correct ones. He is a natural business leader, who is loyal, disciplined and highly motivated. His work ethic is unparalleled. If I had a company that needed fixing or turning around, Bob would be my first choice. Whatever the challenge, Bob is ready to tackle it head-on.

    James Danforth “Dan” Quayle

    44th Vice President of the United States

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    During my GE career I have followed Bob in several different CEO roles and encountered similar business attributes each time – teams that were focused and disciplined, clear operating metrics, and no confusion about roles, responsibilities and expected outcomes. He is a great operating leader and continues to be a friend and mentor.

    John Rice

    Vice Chairman, GE

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    As a friend for over thirty years, I bear witness to Bob’s relentless energy and uncompromising commitment to excellence and outcomes.

    Thomas Joseph “Tom” Ridge

    Chairman of Ridge Global, First United States Secretary of Homeland Security and 43rd Governor of Pennsylvania

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    Bob has taken his vast experiences in leading many diverse businesses and created a pathway of education on Leadership principles that will stand the test of time.

    Matthew “Matt” Rose

    Executive Chairman, BNSF Railway

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    Bob is one of the great business leaders of our time. His ability to think strategically, build strong teams and consistently execute is unparalleled in today’s business community. Bob is an inspirational leader who not only understands how to run businesses effectively, but also the value of putting others ahead of himself. His wisdom and common sense are unparalleled.

    Anthony Scaramucci

    Founder and co-managing Partner of Skybridge Capital, Author and host of “Wall Street Week”

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    It was our good fortune to have had Bob Nardelli at the helm of Chrysler when the Great Recession struck in 2008. The auto industry was seriously hit, so the partnership with Bob and Chrysler was integral to our successful recovery in those extraordinary times.

    Andrew “Andy” Taylor

    Executive Chairman, Enterprise Holdings

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    Bob Nardelli is a magnificent leader whose wide-ranging business acumen is matched by his curiosity, integrity, intellect, creativity and heart. Bob strengthens others by generously sharing his knowledge of success and by encouraging standout innovation as well as teamwork.

    Paula Wallace

    President and Co-Founder of Savannah College of Arts and Design

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    Jack wrote about my business acumen in his book, Straight from the Gut, “The numbers he was delivering were the best I had seen in my 40 years at the company and could well be the best operating performance of any business in GE history."

    Jack Welch

    Former Chairman/CEO, General Electric